Opening Minds Inspiring Hearts

Imagine a school dedicated to giving your child the best possible education, where each student gets the attention he or she needs, and where virtues are part of every school day. For your child, it changes everything.

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Academic Excellence • Moral Focus • Student Responsibility • Parental Partnership

A Day in the Life...

Witness a typical day at school including morning drop off, teachers greeting students as they enter class, as well as teachers and students in the classroom. You’ll also hear what our teachers and students have to say.

A lifetime of success begins here.

We never set limits on how much your child can achieve. We individualize lessons to meet the needs of each student and build moral focus lessons into every school day. The result, kids who not only become good students, they become great people.


We focus on your child’s unique abilities.


We help students learn the importance of making wise choices and doing the right thing in life.


Our dedicated teachers take the time to understand your child’s educational and emotional needs.


Students are taught how to make good decisions, consider consequences, and take responsibility for their actions.

Take a look inside.

Front Entryway

Kindergarten Classroom

Technology Lab